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Anonymous asked:

Hi, I have fallen in love with the super short pixie cuts I've seen all over the internet. I have decided to celebrate my 19th birthday with a cut but im not sure my curly/wavy hair will take to it. I don't mind having curls or waves but i don't want an afro. Any advice on what to tell my hair dresser?

Cut it short! What's stopping you? answered:

Your hair dresser will probably be experienced with this and besides, curly pixies can be totally adorable too :)
One of my co-workers has a long-ish curly pixie cut and it’s wicked cute. 

Talk to your hairdresser about going shorter and see what they have to say or if they have any suggestions for styles ;)

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Anonymous asked:

Hi I'm the anon that asked the question about if I hate my pixie etc. I just wanted to say thanks so much, after wearing all my hair up today, I'm pretty sure I'm just going to do it. It's just hair, and it'll grow back. If it does work then it'll be another step towards loving myself. Now I just have to decide on a style and when. Thanks again!

Cut it short! What's stopping you? answered:

You’re welcome!

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shearingyou asked:

Don't hesitate do it!!!!!! God your gorgeous and the shorter you cut your hair the more that will show. Is being too beautiful make you uncomfortable? Don;t let it. Cut your hair and cut it very short.

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Anonymous asked:

Hi! So I've been thinking about getting a pixie since July, but I'm really hesitant. I think it'll be a good change and every pixie I've seen is super adorable until I imagine it on my face. I have a square face shape which I hate, a wide nose, & really full cheeks. on top of all that I'm in 8th grade, & am not the most confident person.I really want a pixie because they always look so adorable, except I don't think it'll look good on myself. Any advice for both the pixie & if I hate it?

Cut it short! What's stopping you? answered:

I would suggest going to a decent hair stylist and see what they have to say.

You could try to gradually ease yourself into short hair. 
Go for a long bob first— still able to put it in a pony tail although just barely. 
and if you like that then go a little shorter. 

If you hate it there’s not much you can do besides keep it as healthy as possible so it can grow at its full potential. Unhealthy hair doesn’t grow as fast as it should so eating good and drinking lots of water as well as taking biotin or another hair vitamin is something you could look into to make sure you can “speed up” the hair growing process as much as you can. It will still take time. 

you could possibly go for something around this length after a long bob

But yeah, your best bet is definitely to talk to a stylist about this first :3

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